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smith lake barge“We, at Earley Excavating and Contracting, have been working on Smith Lake and the surrounding areas for many years. We started excavating and building sea walls on the lake in the early 1980’s. Our first wall was built out of used crossties and as of March 29th, 2013, the sea wall is still there and in good shape. It is located near the old Mauldin Fishing Camp.

Back then, the lake was just starting to grow and there were not many erosion problems. The shoreline, in many places, still had trees growing in the water and on the shore.

As time went by, partly due to new construction on the lake and of course Mother Nature, the erosion problem began getting worse.

We have been fortunate and able to keep up with what was and what is on Smith Lake. We are proud to offer a proven and much better way, sometimes the only way, to deliver rip-rap and materials on the shoreline on Smith Lake.

We are glad to continue serving our old friends and making new friends on the lake for many years to come.

We love a good challenge so do not forget to call ‘Earley’ before it is too late.”“

Established 1984 Steve Earley-Owner

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